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The future is made of courage

Zukünftiger, neuer Hauff-Technik Standort in Heidenheim
Hauff-Technik continues to write its success story and sets the course for this decade - even or especially in volatile times.

No one can look into the future. Not even the managing director Dr. Michael Seibold of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG. But he can outline the path the company wants to take. A path that is on the one hand courageous, on the other hand should offer security for the existing, but which is also characterised by respect for challenges.

How can the success story of Hauff-Technik continue?

If you want to propagate a plant, you have to take offshoots and divide it. The parent plant can gather all its strength again and concentrate on itself. The tender new plantlets have sufficient nutrients in their new pot to be able to grow and become big and strong.
The subsidiary Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM is already showing its first blossoms, but it should be able to expand its infrastructure business healthily in the next few years. Space is needed for this. Space that is not available at the Rosenberg site. At least not for the production of the basic cabinets and intermediate distributors.
Now Hauff-Technik is also growing its own seedlings by founding subsidiaries in the Middle East, Switzerland or even the United Kingdom. They originate from the parent company, carry the same genetics, but in order to continue growing they have to be separated and repotted at a certain point.

Growth needs space

Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM has already far exceeded its capacity limits in terms of production and storage space, so action had to be taken quickly. Even in an international environment, the company continues to grow and needs more and more space.
In order to ensure that all the plants can grow healthily and the original plant can fully expand again, production halls will be rented on 1 August 2022 and the adjoining office building will be rented on 1 May 2023 as new premises on the site of the renowned Mayer Group in Heidenheim. The Hermaringen site will remain the headquarters of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG.
The first Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM enclosures will be manufactured on 2,500 sqm of production space as early as the fourth quarter of 2022.
A further 2,000 sqm of office space is available for a customer centre that has been planned for a long time and for employees from the Hermaring site. However, it will be the end of 2023 before the moving van rolls here.
"We had to act quickly," says authorised signatory and project manager Thomas Kölle, "in the current situation, a new building is not really an option."
"And we are happy to move back with parts of the company to where the success story of Hauff-Technik had its origins - in Heidenheim," adds managing director Dr Michael Seibold. The company founder Werner Hauff set up his first injection moulding machine in the Heidenheim concert hall in 1955. Now the company is returning - at least with its new little plants.