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Grünberg substation

Pressure-tight and flexible cable duct systems

Grünberg substation
Through the use of pressure-tight, mechanically stable and flexible cable ducts that predefine the relevant bend radius, an infrastructure was implemented that allows for retrofitting over the long term. 
Precise fixation of the Hateflex spiral hoses with KES150-2x3 KA spacers for optimal soil compaction and subsequent laying of cables. 
The KES150 cable entry systems ensure safely laid cables in the builtover area and meet the most demanding requirements. 
The rigid Hateflex14150 cable duct system is mechanically pressure resistant and provides for the relevant bend radius. 
The HSI150 wall inserts set in the concrete are gas and watertight. They are located inside the concrete wall, behind the building insulation. The hose is connected to the wall inserts via the KES-M 150-D system cover. 
The Hateflex14150 spiral hose is connected to the concreted HSI150 cable entries gas and watertight using a rubber sleeve method. 
Hauff-Technik solutions
Pressure-tight, mechanically stable and flexible empty conduit line between the buildings
Installation of the HSI150-K2/300 in the walls, flush with the formwork. Pressure-tight connection of Hateflex14150 spiral hose to the concreted cable entry via KES-M 150-D system cover
Products used
HSI150 D3x58 WS 
KES-M 150-D 
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