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The KG-FIX is becoming more sustainable

because from now on it consists of over 50% regranulate!

From now on, our KG-FIX will consist of 68% regranulate. But what exactly is regranulate?
The term refers to recycled plastic granulate, which is often created from waste and rejects in production. The plastic waste is shredded, washed, melted after drying and then reshaped into granulate. At Hauff-Technik, we also collect plastic waste in our manufacturing processes and use it to produce regranulate, which is now also used in the production of our KG-FIX.
In the course of this product change, the color of our KG-FIX will change from blue to black, which results from the material availability of our regranulate and additionally illustrates the changeover.

The material changeover ensures a closed material cycle and conserves resources. At the same time, we can continue to guarantee our high quality standards, identical functionality and the durability of our product solutions.

In future, we will transparently label products that are reliably produced from recycled pellets with a seal.