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Here at Hauff-Technik, downtime isn't something we're familiar with. We're constantly developing our products further to make them better for you, our customers. You'll find the most important news about our range of products here.
Product news

KG-FIX available in new size

The Hauff wall collar KG-FIX is now also available for a waste water pipe of diameter 125 mm. The water stop flange is used for the pressurised water-tight binding of wastewater pipes in floor slabs and can be installed quickly and without tools.
Product news


The new spacers quickly and simply ensure dimensionally accurate fixing and positioning of cable ducts installed in multiple rows. This means that precise spacing can be maintained when installing duct bundles. Thanks to a simple push-fit system, the spacers can be freely combined …
Product news

Hauff foil sleeves – gastight, airtight, radon-proof

The new Hauff foil sleeveprovide secure connection of entries through the slab to a radon foil, vapour barrier foil or other seal on the slab. The sleeves are suitable for many entries through base slab, as conductors, waste water pipelines, cable duct hoses etc. In connection …
Product news

Assembly Challenge

In our new assembly challenge we pit the cold shrink-fit method against the hot shrink-fit method.
Both variants have their benefits. The cold shrink sleeve can be assembled without the need for tools. The cold shrink-fit method can only be used outside of buildings, however the …
Product news

What does the future hold?

Although you could use the G-Box as a chopping board, a skipping rope or even an engagement ring, fibre optic expansion is where it really comes into its own. It is part of the new fibre optic product line from Hauff-Technik, developed to bring greater speed, simplicity and …
Product news

Assembly Challenge

In our second battle our students - second semester against fourth semester - compete against each other.
The products HRD SG and HRK SSG are in direct comparison.
In the Assembly Challenge you can see which product can be assembled faster.

Product news

Building Packages XL

Until now, Hauff-Technik's building package was only available for detached and semi-detached houses, as the pipe cross-section was limited to a maximum of DN40 by the size of the building entry. 
With the new XL building package, larger apartment buildings as well as industrial …
Product news

GFH 20 + Resinator

With a reduced hole diameter of only 20mm, the GFH20 glass fibre house entry is breaking new ground. It does not require an additional protective pipe system within the bore hole and is equipped with specially developed pipe clamps that ensure secure bracing against the wall. On the …
Product news

HSI 150-DT – more safety through more transparency

The new closing cover HSI 150-DT being transparent offers the user more safety and makes water accumulated in the cable duct system visible. Through the possibility of connecting a discharge valve, the accumulated water can be drained in a controlled manner.
 HSI 150-DT